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frequently asked questions

Permanent makeup is a procedure that is used to enhance certain areas of the face & body. Procedures include enhancing the natural brow shape, enhancing the shape of lips, defining the lash line and so on. Permanent makeup is similar to tattooing in that pigment is deposited into the dermis. The difference is that permanent makeup is not deposited as deep into the dermis as tattooing is. As a result, permanent makeup will slowly start to fade, needing color boosts or touch ups in time.

Consultations begin with a procedure overview, followed by a pre draw to allow our client's to get a good visual of how we will be enhancing the desired area. During the consultation, we also answer any questions or concerns that our client's may have.

After a booking is confirmed with a deposit, client's will be sent a pre appointment checklist to help prepare them for their permanent makeup appointment.

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Client's will be sent specific aftercare instructions via text or email following their appointment.

Permament makeup follow up appointments should be booked no earlier than 6 weeks after the initial appointment.

Color boosts or refresh appointments depend on skin type, type of procedure and age of client.

Client's with oily skin will tend to need a refresh sooner than client's dry skin.

Refresh or color boosts are required when the pigment has faded out at least 50% from the time of completed, healed work.

Eyeliner and lip blush will not require refreshes as often as brows.

On average, client's will book in for a color boost or refresh annually to 2 years from completed, healed work.