I tried microblading previously (NOT by Jenn) and it did not work 3 times! I talked to Jenn about my issue and she insisted that she could give me photo perfect brows. AND SHE DID! She did powder brows on me and they healed flawlessly! I also had Jenn do my liner and it is equally as perfect. Highly highly recommend!! Especially for those who tried microblading and it didnt hold - see Jenn! She can make it hold with her magic. (Also, very very clean and inviting shop, and Jenns personality is perfect for the job. Very funny


I originally came to Jen to have microblading done. I have complicated skin and it was a process- for Jenn, not me. She went above and beyond to make sure I had perfect brows. I mean, this lady worked her ass off for me. Jenn showed me some serious dedication. She has so much pride in her work and her clients. I started seeing Jenn for my lashes, and once again her skill and knowledge killed it. All in all, Jenn is not only extremely good at what she does, but she is also just a great person who makes every visit a comfortable one. Nothing like a CLEAN and sanitized work area, and someone who listens to all your problems while making you look beautiful! I highly recommend any and all services and products this lady has to offer.


I met with Jenn for the full lip contour and color. My lips turned out beautiful, I'm so happy with the results. She works from her home and has a lovely area devoted to her work and it shows how much she loves what she does. Its very clean, comfortable and relaxing. Jenn is easy to talk with and thats appreciated by the client when you are having a long procedure. If anyone is trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge and have their lips done, I would say go for i, you wont regret it. I will definitely be visiting again in the future. Thanks so much Jenn.