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Why Take Online Permanent Makeup Training?

April 05, 2023

Choosing to enter the permanent makeup industry is a decision you won’t regret. It is a sector full of amazing opportunities that allow people to fulfill their passions and is easy to get started in, too! All you need to do is enroll on a permanent makeup course. The beauty of courses within the PMU world is that you can gain your training in person, but you can also earn certificates online. Having both options available from a top accredited PMU academy enables more and more people to embark on a career as a permanent makeup and brow artist. With no prior experience needed to get onto a course and the ability to develop business skills as well, it is the perfect option for aspiring entrepreneurs with a talent and love for permanent makeup.

Regardless of which option you pick, you will learn pioneering techniques and develop precise, steady, clean skills. However, if you are still deciding whether to do your learning online or in person, consider these advantages of training online.

Ease Yourself Into The PMU World

Want to introduce the world of permanent makeup slowly or at your own pace? Online courses enable you to do this. Learn as and when it suits you so you can let the information sink in – you can practice and test yourself on the knowledge gained as much as you want and move on to the next course when you are ready.

It Can Be Very Affordable

One thing that can often put people off from applying to courses is cost. Training from a top academy could mean relocating, traveling, investing in learning materials, and more, meaning the costs add up. However, with online training, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You don’t even need to take time off from your current job to complete the course – you can learn whenever is most convenient for you.

The online courses themselves are also very affordable, but this doesn’t mean quality is impacted. In fact, our PMU academy is globally recognized for being comprehensive, in-depth, and affordable all at the same time. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a career as a highly-qualified PMU artist.

You Can Apply To Free Courses

What could be better than affordable courses? Free courses! With certain academies (ours included), you can make the most of free courses and materials that will widen your knowledge and help you cement yourself as a reliable PMU artist. We offer, for instance, free advice and courses on machine knowledge, online brow mapping, free photo blending, and appointment prep lists. All of this could be extremely useful for you as you build up your experience and go on to create your own business. We are all about empowering people to find huge levels of success.

Learn From Top Experts Wherever You Are

Training online means you can thoroughly expand your knowledge all in one place, learning from the best experts there are. You don’t have to be in the same city, state, or even country to do this. Instead, you could be based in the UK and build top skills that artists in the US are currently developing and stand out among other UK artists due to your unique knowledge. With our experts, for example, you can learn how to expertly carry out nano brow procedures – we don’t teach how to microblade due to the long-term effects and infection risks. Instead, we teach techniques that will help with long-term healing that will best benefit your clients. You should learn how to do nano brows from experts due to the technical nature of this. As you start your business or find a position as a PMU, you will find yourself attracting more clientele due to your skills and unique knowledge.

Gain Training Beyond PMU

Training to become a PMU artist naturally means learning about techniques, how to prep clients, and how to complete a procedure. However, it might not necessarily cover the training you would need beyond this. Online training courses give you a chance to develop business skills and wider skills that will eventually help your business excel. Our photo editing courses (free and paid options) don’t improve your PMU skills, but they do help you easily showcase your work to your clientele. The editing stage is a delicate balance – you don’t want your pictures to put off clients because they have been edited too much or find them at the other end of the scale where they are not good enough quality to highlight your skills. Not all in-person courses will offer these additional learning opportunities, but online training can.

Plenty Of High-Quality Videos To Pour Over

Online training has advanced over the years, and now you can enjoy high-quality videos in great quantities. Our number 1 course, Powder Ombre Brows, has over 80 lessons for you to unpack that take you through the anatomy of the skin, client prep, techniques, practice work, color theory, and more. These few mentions are just scratching the surface of what you can enjoy as part of the 80-lesson course. Each lesson is dedicated to an area, and you control how you let the information sink in. Stop, rewind, and rewatch as you write down notes, or make notes as you go and rewatch another day. You get 24/7 access to these videos and lifetime access to all content.

Gives You Certificates That Are Just As Real As In-Person Course Ones

You don’t have to worry about your certificate being any less valid than the one you would gain through an in-person course. They hold the same status and degree of qualifying level. To get your certificate, you simply have to complete the course.

Learning Beyond The Computer

Online training offers plenty of resources that widen your knowledge away from the computer. Students can make the most of printable practice sheets, assignments, and practice work, rather than just learning the theory of everything. This is incredibly useful for students who learn best in a practical sense.