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What Is Permanent Makeup, and What Types Are There?

April 05, 2023

With the popularity rising in permanent makeup in the beauty and health sector, awareness is spreading to more people than ever before, meaning many people are asking the same question: what is permanent makeup? Whether you are interested in seeing if this holds potential for a career or are keen to try out the services for yourself, we are here to help uncover everything you need to know about permanent makeup, including what types there are available.

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is also called micropigmentation or cosmetic tattoo (here at JENNXINK, we only ever call it permanent makeup), and it is all about enhancing parts of the body. The most popular areas include:

  • The natural brow shape
  • The shape of the lips
  • Defining the lash line

It differs from semi-permanent makeup, which can only last a few weeks, e.g., eyebrow tinting. The permanent makeup procedure offers an alternative option for people who can’t use traditional makeup or struggle to apply makeup to regain confidence after hair loss or illness, providing a solution for 3-5 years. It is also becoming a very popular option for those who love beauty treatments and want to save time and money when getting ready each morning, as their eyebrows or lips will be ready to go.

The procedure is very similar to tattooing in that the pigment is deposited into the dermis. Permanent makeup (PMU) artists will use a sterile single-use needle under the upper layers of skin – this deposits pigmented granules. However, the difference between this technique and tattooing is that it is not deposited as deep into the dermis as tattooing. A professional will always do a patch test to check that it wouldn’t cause bleeding or allergic reactions, apply a local anesthetic cream to numb the skin, and then draw on your skin using a surgical pen.

As standard, most people usually need 2 appointments 4-6 weeks apart from each other. Then, top-up treatments should take place after 1, 2, or 3 years. However, just what treatments could you choose from? These are some of the top options you could select.

What Types Of Permanent Makeup Can You Get?

If you are curious about booking an appointment for permanent makeup, there are 9 fantastic options you could choose from that we offer right here at JENNXINK. These are considered to be some of the most popular options out there.


  • Lash extensions Love long lashes but don’t naturally possess them? Are you bored of constantly applying fake lashes that fall off halfway through the evening or throwing them away after 4 or 5 times? Lash extensions could be the solution you’ve been seeking. With options available to choose between, including classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume, you can get the length and fullness you want. It can be fully customized to you, meaning you get the right fit for your eyes and face while still meeting your wants. If you change your mind later down the line, you could always get them removed.
  • Eyeliner : Perfecting that wing isn’t easy, and it can be a shame for people who love this look. The same applies to the smoky liner and designer styles – being able to achieve this look every day 100% perfectly can be frustrating, not to mention it can get boring. However, permanent makeup treatments for eyeliner can rescue you. The eyeliner treatment can be done in black or brown pigments on your eyelid. Lower lash liner is entirely possible, too. All you have to do is ask. This usually takes 2 hours to complete and requires a follow-up appointment around 6 weeks later.


  • Lip blushing Lipstick is fantastic for giving your lips a little love, but you may find yourself with a faded look within hours. Likewise, lip injections will add volume to your lips and can give them a restored look, but you may face yourself experiencing swelling and scaring. However, there is a beauty treatment that could provide you with the look you’ve been seeking: lip blushing. Although it doesn’t add volume, it does make your lips look bigger and adds color and definition. If you want a symmetric lip shape, this is also perfect.


  • Saline removal When you have unwanted shape or color in your brows, the saline removal treatment can lighten your brows. It involves removing pigment in your brows that you do not want and is an alternative option to laser removal.
  • Nano brows If you prefer a more natural hair stroke look to your brows, this permanent makeup treatment achieves this for you. It is a replacement treatment for microblading, which doesn’t necessarily bring clients the desired results.
  • DBL Faded brows Softer but with a defined look is entirely possible with the DBL faded brows treatment. Starting darker at the bottom, towards the top, you will enjoy a much lighter shade. For those that love gradient looks and have a basic brow structure, enjoy perfect brows day in and day out with no fuss.
  • Powder Brows Our treatments cover every style of brows, including providing for those that like to have more coverage and those who have oily skin. With options to go soft or bold, you can choose a shading you love that covers your entire brows.
  • Combo brows Can’t decide between several of our other brow treatments, why not pick one that uses several techniques in 1 to get a look you love? The combo brows look involves creating fine hair strokes and using shading towards the end of the brows for more depth. Choose the shape and shading you want for the perfect brows for ages to come.
  • Brow lamination If you prefer fluffy brows, brow lamination could be your preferred permanent makeup treatment. Enjoy more coverage as your hairs get reset, mapped, and shaped. This is one of the less permanent options, only lasting up to 6 weeks, but it could be a good option for those that find the process therapeutic and don’t want to be tied down to a certain look for several years.

Now with more knowledge of what permanent makeup is and what types are available, the only thing to do is book your chosen treatment.