Hey Boss!!! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jenn Dick and I am the CEO and founder of JENNXINK PMU & ACADEMY. I am a pmu master, mentor, educator, entrepreneur, mom and wife.

My  passion for this industry stems from her obsession with art. Being a commissioned artist for over 13 years and specializing in charcoal portraits, pop art and abstract paintings, I found it very simple and satisfying to apply my artistic side to the art of permanent makeup.

I have trained with academy's from all over the globe and are now almost a decade into the beauty industry. I have received multiple certifications from some of the best in the world and I believe that continuing education is key as techniques and beauty standards always changing. 

Last year, we launched our online academy and now have students of our own from all over the globe. 

in 2021, I was invited to be recognized as a master artist with Evenflo Colours. I am proud to say that I help rep as a Canadian artist.

Also in 2021, we were invited to do a podcast with the amazing AAM board of Micropigmentation and have our FREE brow mapping online course featured on their website.

It doesn't stop here......I'm only getting started. 

Head on over to our IG @jennxink.pmu or TikTok @jennxink.pmu to see more of what we love to do!!