Powder Brow / Lip Blush / Eyeliner

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This course is a 6 day course totaling 50 hours. There is an online portion which is to be completed prior to the class start date, the online course helps prep the student for the intensity of the class.

The course has a prerequisite of the Blood Borne Pathogens course supplied here



• a rotary machine power source and foot pedal

• kit for brows lip and eyeliner.

• essentials supplies for each procedure is included (enough for 10 procedures of each technique)


Kit includes:


• pigments

• pigment cups

• cartridges

• Clip cord sleeves

• measuring tools

• numbing cream

• grip tape

• isopropyl wipes

• aftercare

• etc

• a copy of each manual (3)

• certificate of attendance

• ongoing support

• access to our private Facebook support group